Privacy management

Thanks to our dedicated cockpit, make sure that you are compliant in your management of personal data.

ISAE 3402

Obtain an assurance as to the reliability of the internal control system for your services.

Airport quality and compliance management

smartcockpit offers airports instant visibility and complete traceability of the compliance rules they are subject to.

Internal Control System (ICS)

The implementation of an internal control system (ICS) for companies are simple steps to implement and control thanks to the software developed by smartcockpit to … Continue reading "Internal Control System (ICS)"

Airport IT management

Designed to support IT managers in their daily lives, our cockpit dedicated to the airport sector can summarize the entire IT situation of an airport.

Quality and compliance management

The ISO 9001 or AQAP 2110 standard and the implementation of an internal control system (ICS) for companies are simple steps to implement and control … Continue reading "Quality and compliance management"

Economic performance

This cockpit responds to the needs of management and structuring of the economic activities of companies that wish to sustain their business and increase their … Continue reading "Economic performance"

Social performance

Controlling stress at work is today a determining factor of productivity for a company. Our cockpit has been designed to increase your social performance while … Continue reading "Social performance"

IT Management

Our IT Management cockpit allows IT managers to visualize and manage all their projects and activities, and thus ensure that they are under control.

Operational risks

As intrinsic components of the banking business in particular, operational risk management is a concern of every company or organization.

Airport operations management

smartcockpit offers you a tool that allows operations managers to visualize the health of all actions taken at an airport.

Airport security management

The indispensable tool for airport security managers to ensure that the 4 billion passengers traveling by air each year around the world travel safely.

Cyber risks

In the face of growing cyber threats, companies and organizations are increasingly concerned about setting up a cyber risk management monitoring system. smartcockpit helps them … Continue reading "Cyber risks"

Compliance management system – ISO 19600

A good reading and a wise management of the ISO 19600 standard concerning the implementation of a compliance management system contributes to the optimization of … Continue reading "Compliance management system – ISO 19600"

ISO 22301

Good reading and sound management of the ISO 22301 standard for business continuity management contributes to the optimization of a company’s governance.


The National Institute of Standards and Technology produces normative systems that allow any business to keep its cyber risks under control. Visualize and optimize them … Continue reading "Nist"

ISMS Performance

An information security management system is only effective if it is scalable. To follow your information security management, Smartcockpit offers you a dedicated cockpit.

ISO/CEI 27001

Compliance with the requirements of the ISO / IEC 2700n standard is a guarantee for companies that want to optimize their cyber governance.