Internal control contributes substantially to the control of the company’s activities and operations. On the one hand, it ensures the protection, safeguarding of the heritage and the quality of information, on the other, it promotes performance improvement.

When setting up an internal control system (ICS), it is a matter of harmoniously combining the various regulatory (instructions and directives), organizational (organization charts and processes) and technical (IT and communication) measures. Internal control is not an end in itself. He is there to support the conduct of a service and to ensure correct administrative activity, which respects the law, is economical and efficient.

Cockpit Management de la qualité et de la conformité -

This cockpit is intended for all types of organizations (commercial companies, NGOs, public administrations, etc.), all types of activities (finance and banks, industries, production, services, sales, etc.). It is the essential management tool that all those responsible for internal control are looking for.

According to your expectations and your needs, the cockpit will be delivered to you with a tailor-made initiation to present you all its potential. With the smartcockpit solution, you can choose the model that best suits your activity!

The Internal Control cockpit provides reasonable assurance to management as to the achievement of the department’s objectives, highlights non-conformities and possibly allows fraud to be detected. It is based on the COSO ICS standard in order to manage activities in accordance.

Combined with the cockpit dedicated to risk management, it allows monitoring of control activities and constant optimization of corrective measures taken in integrated risk management

Have a collaborative and innovative user interface that allows you to finally access information easier, faster and more efficiently by using a universal color code to set up real corporate governance.

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