The numbers are alarming. In 2015, every second, 12 people were victims of cybercriminals in the world, according to a Microsoft study. According to Forbes magazine, in 2016, 9 out of 10 managers said they were unable to read a report about cybersecurity facts and did not know what to do in the event of a major attack. In parallel with the increasing number of risks due to global digital transformation of the economy, the regulatiors are becoming more and more demanding.

Management, IT and Risk Managers need to work together on cyber risks. This global vision is necessary for the implementation of an effective cyber risk management strategy. Large multinationals, with many financial, human or technological resources, as well as small structures, are likely to want to visualize and optimize their cyberrisk management system.

Optimize responsibilities in the context of digital risk controls, ensure compliance, our cyber Risks cockpit makes it possible to monitor the way cyber risks are managed.

Combined with our different cockpits dedicated to risk management, the cyberrisk cockpit makes it possible to constantly monitor and optimize the measures taken.

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