The considerable growth of air transport represents a huge challenge for all the companies involved. Especially since September 11, 2001, security at airports has become a central theme.

To achieve maximum efficiency and profitability, innovative solutions must be implemented. The Security Management cockpit allows airports to monitor the application of national and international standards as well as the right level of efficiency.

Aimed at security chiefs and airport security managers in addition to the powerful tools they already have, our security management cockpit has already convinced Geneva airport.

In a single screen and in a universal language, our airport security management cockpit provides a synthetic overview of airport security. It improves overall governance across departments and facilitates discussions with stakeholders. In fact, smartcockpit makes it possible to share non-conforming points, indicators, actions and documents with other services to manage corrective measures.

Quality, project performance, compliance, risks: our cockpit gathers all this information in one screen. It offers a 360 ° view on a complex subject and makes it possible to compare heterogeneous and usually scattered data. It also gives employees the means to manage the actions implemented and to monitor them, thus offering everyone the opportunity to measure the impact of the decisions made.

Combined with our various cockpits dedicated to this sector of activity, the Airport Security Management Cockpit makes it possible to constantly monitor and optimize the measures taken in the management of an airport.

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