The ISO / IEC 27001 standard allows organizations to protect their information systems and data by defining the necessary requirements for the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS).

The ISO / IEC 27001 standard and our dedicated cockpit can interest all types of organizations (commercial enterprises, NGOs, administrations …), all types of activities (finance and banking, manufacturing, services,…) and many functions.

In particular, those in charge of information systems security (CISO) are likely to want to visualize and optimize the application of the ISO / IEC 27001 standard in their sector of activity. We offer them an efficient cockpit to customize according to the requirements of each area of activity in information security.

27001 smartcockpit

27001 smartcockpit

Our ISO 27001 cockpit incorporates the elements of the standard in order to follow the way in which it is respected, in accordance with the very specific requirements of a field of activity. It also makes it possible to exploit the information and to evolve the actions put in place. Evaluation of access points, implementation of a risk treatment plan, monitoring of indicators, the ISO / IEC 270001 cockpit makes it possible to observe the various points of conformity stipulated by the international standard.

Combined with our different cockpits dedicated to e-government, the ISO / IEC 27001 cockpit allows constant monitoring and optimization of the measures taken in cyber management, for more performance or for certification purposes.

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