Due to the crisis of confidence which is disrupting the economic system and the increase in business outsourcing, the development of quality insurance reports and audit has grown steadily in recent years. It therefore becomes crucial for companies that outsource, to constantly ensure the reliability of their providers.

ISAE3402 is tending to become the new international standard in the field of risk and outsourcing of services which allows to attest to the existence of suitable internal control and the effectiveness of internal control.

The ISAE 3402 report is often provided to SOX or other auditors of a company to allow them to have reasonable assurance on the controls carried out in a branch of a company or at a supplier to avoid the auditors from auditing this part of the enterprise information system.

The service providers who host and process their customers’ data must therefore provide satisfactory guarantees in various areas such as payroll management, information systems, etc.

This cockpit is intended for all types of organizations that wish or must demonstrate control of their processes in the context of outsourcing. Indeed, within the framework of ISAE3402, You must prove the rigor and the effectiveness of the control activities within your company. And, demonstrate to your customers the proper functioning of your processes with regard to financial information

According to your expectations and your needs, the cockpit will be delivered to you with a tailor-made setup to present you all its potential. With the smartcockpit solution, you can choose the model that best suits your activity!

The ISAE 3402 cockpit provides reasonable assurance to management as to the achievement of service objectives, enhances the transparency of your processes and the relationship trust with your customers. It also highlights non-conformities and possibly allows fraud to be detected. It saves you from multiple audits carried out regularly by customers due to its multi-dimensional analysis and gives a better image compared to competitors in particular because the diagnoses are carried out by recognized auditors.

Combined with the cockpit dedicated to risk management or to internal control, it allows monitoring of control activities and constant optimization of corrective measures taken in integrated risk management.

Have a collaborative and innovative user interface that allows you to finally access information easier, faster and more efficiently by using a universal color code to set up real corporate governance.

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