The primary goal of information security management is to implement appropriate measures to reduce or eliminate the impact and/or probability that threats could have on the organization. By minimizing the impact of incidents, ISMS ensures business continuity, customer confidence, protection of investments and opportunities, and reduced damage to the business. In addition, legal requirements to protect personal and sensitive information and citizen protection requirements are forcing businesses to make information security their priority.

Our dedicated ISMS cockpit can interest all types of organizations (commercial enterprises, NGOs, administrations …), all types of activities (finance and banking, manufacturing, services,…) and many functions.
Decision-makers in companies and board members are particularly likely to want to visualize and optimize their information security management system to assess if they are well secured. We offer our cockpit to all organizations, from all sectors, who value the confidentiality of their information.

Our ISMS Performance cockpit manages the periodic evaluation of the security maturity levels and information management system as well as the audit of the various points in order to determine the conformity of the process according to the expectations of the management and in compliance with regulations and laws. Through it, companies and organizations can measure, monitor and review the performance of their information security management system.
Combined with our various cockpits dedicated to e-governance, the ISMS Performance cockpit ensures constant monitoring and optimization of the measures taken in cyber management.

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