Having a vision that is both global and detailed cannot be done without putting in place a strategic management. For good governance of your organization, you must have specific tools for each need. This is why smartcockpit offers you adaptive solutions for reasoned management of each activity.

  • Manage risks to improve, optimize and automate your risk control processes, whether operational or cyber.
  • Identify loopholes, detect areas for improvement, respond to threats and protect the company using the reference framework provided by the e-governance solution.
  • Optimize the economic and social performance of your company thanks to our dedicated solution by simply managing from a relevant dashboard the tasks related to each function of your organization.
  • Our solution was designed to support operations managers or heads of security and heads of security in their daily work with cockpits dedicated to their respective activities.
Cyber governance


Risk Management




Economic and social performance




In each of our solutions, you will find the cockpits associated with each theme which also include ISO / AQAP standards such as:

  • ISO / IEC 27001: international standard for information security management.
  • ISO 9001: dedicated to Quality management systems (QMS).
  • AQAP 2110: certification according to NATO requirements for quality assurance in development, construction and production.
  • ISO 22301: the first international standard for business continuity management.

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The advantages of smartcockpit solutions:

  • Multilingual versions: French, English, German,…
  • Export to Excel and Word
  • Opening via third-party database or API tools
  • Definition of treatments (controls, mitigation)
  • Planning of execution periods
  • Process quality monitoring
  • Collaborative tool
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Linking of the process with the activity, the division and the entity

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