Digital Governance

Risk, audit, performance, quality, compliance… smartcockpit not only provides you with a quick 360° view of your business health, it also highlights the decision required and then capture and measure the impact of all decisions made. Our strengths

Cyber cockpit

Faced with growing threats, companies and organizations must set up a cyber risk management monitoring system that not only allows them to understand their posture but also to help them define priorities. smartcockpit helps them do this. Learn more

A true 360° view of your organization’s health

smartcockpit exists because our daily professional activities generates more and more data; and we accumulate them, although they should be analyzed and provide clear insight, leading to actions. Governance, risk, audit, performance, quality, compliance… smartcockpit provides you with a quick view of your business health in a custom dashboard. To collect the right data that fit your needs, you have to ask yourself what are the key questions that need to b answered to drive your business to success. This crucial step will enable the collection of the data you need and the establishment of your personalized dashboard. smartcockpit is a tailor-made tool with your words, your information, your indicators, your thresholds… Create your own cockpit which will reflect your activity and your situation, in an appropriate, concise and visual manner.

Quantitative data, qualitative data, information flows… Adding up data is not a goal in itself and making decisions from these is not easy. Smartcockpit offers you a clear, uncluttered and focused view of what you need to know to manage your company efficiently. Simply add complementary information from your teams, your partners, or the economic situation and you will get with smartcockpit a global and precise view of your business health. Inertia has never led to positive results, in term of business. Only considered decisions and efficient actions will lead you to success. Your dashboard should let you know what is important, what is urgent, where there is a problem and what is under control. Not only will you have these information with smartcockpit, but you will also be able to indicate the decisions you take, to follow-up the actions, to measure their impact and readjust your plans.

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Compliance, risk management or performance optimization applies to all business sectors and all types of functions. Our cockpits make it possible to put in place a digital governance that allows you to read and lead your organization.

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