Digital Governance

Our solution stands out for its “read and lead” approach. The combined view of different perspectives (performance, risk, compliance, quality and project) provides a 360° vision of the health of the organization.

Observing a situation is not enough, you must be able to make decisions by implementing actions and ensuring their impact. To this end, smartcockpit® covers the entire decision-making process in a simple and flexible way.

Our strengths

Cyber cockpit

Faced with growing threats, companies and organizations must set up a cyber risk management monitoring system that not only allows them to understand their posture but also to help them define priorities. smartcockpit helps them do this. Learn more

Master your activities: steer your company's health and success

smartcockpit supports you in the transformation journey towards better managerial capacity, better control and better operational resilience of your organization.

We live in an uncertain world where developments/innovations occur at an increasingly rapid pace. It becomes essential to be able to adapt, avoid missteps and take advantage of them as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To do this, you need to be able to have the 360° health of your organization at a glance. And, in the event of a problem, you must be able to decide on the actions to take and monitor their proper execution as well as their impact.

Each company, each organization evolves in a context and has different concerns. Identifying yours is the first step towards a relevant cockpit that brings out adequate data, information and figures.

The multiplication of data and information flows does not invite clarity and does not promote decision-making… Inertia has never been business’s best friend, and effective decision-making is the key to success. Your cockpit allows you to distinguish what is under control from what is not, to differentiate between urgent and important, to understand an unfortunate situation, to draw the consequences and take the necessary measures.

Thanks to smartcockpit, you can then measure the impact of the implemented decisions, of which your dashboard keeps the history, and adjust them.

The integration of factual data and softer expert data, which reflect the qualitative assessments expressed by your teams, provides access to a global view of the situation.

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Compliance, risk management or performance optimization applies to all business sectors and all types of functions. Our cockpits make it possible to put in place a digital governance that allows you to read and lead your organization.

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