Did you know that it takes from 9 months to 2 years for an employee to recover from a burnout? Faced with the complexification of the business environment and the race for productivity, work stress has become widespread over the past 10 years. In Europe, it costs companies more than 20 billion dollars a year.

Risks of burnout, decrease in productivity, reduction of working time, increase of sick leave … Its consequences on the well-being of a team and in terms of profitability are numerous.

Developed in partnership with analytics.swiss, our Social performance cockpit is the common management tool that all CEOs, HR managers and health and safety managers look for.

If identifying warning signs such as irritability, an inability to think or a decrease in productivity despite the increase in personal investment remains the best prevention, smartcockpit can help the company to be attentive to the exposure of its employees to health risks. Our dedicated cockpit can identify potential burnouts and visualize the state of social health of the company.

Performance économique social

Our turnkey cockpit can detect risks early and act to minimize the impact of stress on your business. It allows to evaluate at all times the levels of risk of harassment, burnout, occupational accident, absenteeism or legal non-compliance.

The data are surveyed by employees once every 6 months, anonymously. The system makes it possible to link critical cases with the appropriate persons, psychologist or trusted person designated by the employer. Our cockpit makes it possible to increase the social performances of companies while reducing the cost of health.

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