The economic performance of a company is measured by assessing its success in areas related to its assets, liabilities and overall market strength. Many business owners regularly review, on a formal or less formal basis, the overall economic performance of their business to ensure that it remains on the right track financially.

That’s why smartcockpit gives all those who want to improve their economic position a reliable, complete tool via an effective interface!

This cockpit is for companies or organizations that want to visualize and take action to increase their economic performance in increasingly competitive markets. Dedicated to decision makers and CEOs who want to combine financial success with economic performance, you will have all the indicators you need to measure your profitability and growth.

Depending on your expectations and needs, we can customize it and provides you with an introduction to present its full potential. With the smartcockpit solution, you can choose the model that best suits your business and accurately control your competitiveness!

Performance économique social

The Economic Performance cockpit offers you a governance solution that leverage both factual data and feelings as well as links to additional detailed information. Have a collaborative and innovative user interface that lets you access information faster, more easily, and more efficiently by using universal color coding to establish true corporate governance.

For an efficient and effective company, we recommend the complementary cockpit “Social performance”, essential to measure your true performance.

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