IT is at the heart of digital transformation. Our dedicated cockpit that provides an insight of the IT status at a glance has been designed to support IT Manager in their day to day management.

From strategic activities to day to day tasks and incident management, IT manager are faced with a multitude of requirements to ensure the smooth running of a company.

smartcockpit enables IT managers to track the state of planning, management, development, implementation, and maintenance of an organization’s IT and telecommunications systems.

IT Manager using smartcockpit IT Management solution software

screenshot of IT Management software by smartcockpit

Our information technology management cockpit facilitates the day-to-day lives of IT managers, enabling them to see at a glance which activities are under control and which ones that are not under control.

Thanks to our collaborative platform, this cockpit can be accessible by the whole team, and shared with managers and business owners to give them visibility on current projects, IT systems status and IT performances. Thanks to its tailor-made alert thresholds, it also allows IT managers to trigger action plans when necessary, and to visualize their impact.

Budget tracking, efficiency of used software, relevance of the infrastructure, support management, cybersecurity and ISMS status, projects health: our cockpit provides a 360° view on these items related to the field of information technology.

Simple and intuitive in its use of a universal color code (the red square denotes a problem, the orange triangle a risky situation, the green round the smooth running), this cockpit makes it possible to read an IT environment that has become over the last decade extremely complex and rarely mastered end-to-end by companies.

The expansion of the Cloud, the appearance of BYOD or new IOT devices in a constantly changing business world, reveal imperative needs in terms of transparency and sharing of IT department health, to which smartcockpit can reply.

screenshot of IT Management software by smartcockpit

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