January 3, 2020 par Sylvain Félix

The top IT trends, compliance and risks for 2020!

The IIA, Gartner or KPMG reports tell us all about IT, compliance and risk trends for the year 2020. Check out the top things to watch for this year according to smartcockpit.

IT trends

1. Data traceability

According to Gartner, the evolution of technology has created an unprecedented crisis of confidence. As a result, consumers are increasingly aware of how their data is collected and for what purposes it will be used. At the same time, corporate responsibility for the storage and collection of this data has also evolved.

Machine learning and the use of artificial intelligence have increased the fears of consumers, who see it as an urgency to be able to govern these autonomous systems. The tendency is therefore to distrust, so it will be important to deploy systems to restore confidence. Six key elements appear to be capital in this area: integrity, responsibility, consistency, expertise, transparency and ethics.

The European data protection law (GDPR) opens the way on these key elements. For greater compliance in your business and the implementation of a quality and compliance management system (SMQ), discover the cockpit that we have developed!

2. Security and AI

A great power implies a great responsibility. The evolution of technologies such as hyper automation and connected objects offer possibilities for transformation in the business world. However, they also create security vulnerabilities in potential new attack points. Security teams must meet these challenges and be aware of the impact of AI on the security space. This is why smartcockpit offers you an e-governance solution to address these subjects calmly. Discover it!

3. Cybercrime and cyber vulnerabilities

These two subjects know no borders and they evolve at a sustained pace, thanks to the Internet which facilitates these offenses from a distance. In 2020, breaches of computer systems will have no truce and will no longer respect ethical limits. They will be even more harmful at the virtual and material level for businesses. It will therefore be necessary to redouble security, rigor and above all vigilance. It is for this reason that smartcockpit offers you a ISMS performance cockpit to deal with these threats effectively.

Compliance trends

1. Radical change in standards and norms

In the same vein as the appearance of the GDPR, other standards should emerge quickly to frame new technologies and their practices. We are thinking in particular of the use and limits of AI intervention in certain fields.

2. Increasingly extensive audits

As revealed in the Gartner report “Audit plan hot spots report”, the audits will be pushed to a very advanced control threshold this year. According to the firm, here is the list of the 10 priorities to consider during the next compliance audits:

  • Data governance
  • Cyber vulnerabilities of the information system
  • The partner ecosystem
  • Data confidentiality
  • Risk culture
  • Project management
  • General IT governance
  • Regulatory developments
  • Organizational resilience
  • The supply chain

It will be about analyzing companies in their entire ecosystem, which includes that of their external partners as well. Caution at all levels is expected. Discover without further delay the smartcockpit solutions to address these issues.

3. Data governance

Currently almost half of managers have recognized that good data management can improve competitiveness, as well as lower costs. Innovation will be favored, but also cloud solutions and the implementation of real data governance, effective at all levels of the company.

Risk trends

Operational risks (mental health, physical and infectious diseases), financial risk (stock market crash, recession) and risk mitigation strategies have been very present in recent years. They reflect a climate of international tension weighing on businesses. However, solutions are already applicable. It is the mission of smartcockpit to offer you solutions for better governance of your business. Contact us today for a personalized study of your needs.