Now the standard for nearly one million companies around the world, ISO 9001 remains the benchmark for quality management. Since its creation in 1987, many companies have adopted it: hospitals, real estate, administrations, banks, schools, pharmaceutical laboratories … To facilitate or check compliance with these standards , you need a comprehensive and detailed view that is reliable and searchable at all times.

Cockpit Management de la qualité et de la conformité -

smartcockpit has created a cockpit dedicated to quality and compliance management in order to control and guarantee the company’s compliance even in the most demanding activity sectors. It is primarily intended for those responsible for quality, compliance or permanent internal control, risk managers, production managers or human resources managers.

The implementation of a quality management system (QMS) according to the ISO 9001 or AQAP 2110 standards makes the inventory of your organization’s activities possible and relevant in order to reduce waste. It also allows you to visualize the responsibilities inherent to each position throughout your internal structure and optimize its operation.

Following the collection of this information, an internal quality audit can be performed with a full report of activities, processes and people. You will be able to make decisions with confidence.

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