The global e-governance of organizations has become essential. Whether you need to be able to react quickly in the event of a degraded process or to set up an information security management system, you need the best management tools.


The smartcockpit e-governance solution combines both an ISO 22301 cockpit for business continuity management and an ISO / IEC 27001 cockpit to comply with the requirements of the standard. This solution also includes three other modules essential to any business, whatever its size. These include IT management, ISMS (Information Security Management System) performance and NIST to help organizations better understand and improve their management of cybersecurity risks.

Cockpits included

ISO 22301
ISO/CEI 27001
ISMS Performance
IT Management

Each solution is like a toolbox for managers and those responsible for these activities. For each scenario, a module has been thought out, designed and adapted to best serve the needs of the organization. From a pre-formatted cockpit, we adapt questions and performance indicators specific to your structure in order to serve you as effectively as possible. Thanks to intelligent mapping, clearly identified benchmarks and a very agile and easy-to-integrate design, smartcockpit is the leader in digital governance solutions for any business in the digital age.

  • Manage your IT infrastructure
  • Perform efficient audits
  • Adapt your actions to ISO 22301 and 27001 standards
  • Visualize the performance of your processes
  • Quickly identify the sensitive points to improve
  • Collaborate effectively with adaptive dashboards

Discover today our clear and intuitive interface, dedicated to all your activity.

  • Multilingual versions: French, English, German,…
  • Export to Excel and Word
  • Open to third-party database or API tools
  • Definition of treatments (controls, mitigation)
  • Planning of execution periods
  • Process quality monitoring
  • Collaborative tool
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Linking of the process with the activity, the division and the entity

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