Risks are part of the daily life of companies, which is why it is necessary for the risk manager to identify them and provide an adequate response in real time. The smartcockpit ERM (Enterprise Risk Management System) platform allows you to anticipate and monitor these events. Good digital governance is vital to preserve your organization and identify the protection or improvement measures to be implemented.


In order to best help risk managers in their work, the platform was developed by smartcockpit in the form of digital dashboards.

Cockpits included

Cyber risks
Operational risks
IT Management
Internal Control System (ICS)
ISAE 3402

For each subject, smartcockpit offers measurement and performance indicators adapted to the themes addressed. Proactive risk management provides the company with additional security and performance and better management of action plans in the event of an emergency or crisis. With the smartcockpit solution for risk management you will be able to:

  • Risk mapping
  • Manage and identify threats
  • Improve processes
  • Bring and keep the company into compliance
  • Manage your entire organization

The strengths of our solution are: a simplified interface, personalized KPIs, easy configuration and customization of the interface to allow the best visualization of your risk and performance data.

  • Multilingual versions: French, English, German,…
  • Export to Excel and Word
  • Open to third-party database tools or API
  • Definition of treatments (controls, mitigation)
  • Planning of execution periods
  • Process quality monitoring
  • Collaborative tool
  • Reporting and analysis
  • Linking of the process with the activity, the division and the entity
  • Risk assessment, documentation and treatment
  • Inventory and risk management
  • Monitoring of actions and controls

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