November 14, 2019 par Sylvain Félix

Control and optimization of quality performance: a powerful strategic lever for companies

The current situation is more and more competitive, so the operational aspects that contribute to the success of an organization should not be overlooked. Setting goals to achieve is the basis for improving a company’s performance. It is also necessary to be able to control the actions that have been put in place and measure their impact in a precise way. What are the best practices to implement?

The stakes of good quality governance

In general, to ensure a sustainable activity, a company must be efficient. Developing a strategy and measuring the impact of its actions in this area is undoubtedly one of the first action plans to be put in place. On a daily and long-term basis, its effectiveness needs to be monitored using key indicators that will need to be carefully defined according to qualitative or quantitative objectives.

Better control to sustain the activity

Whether it’s the business executive or a manager, one must always keep an eye on the key steps that will lead to the success of the organization as a whole. To measure the progress of the company, it is about putting in place regular controls of what is working well and what needs to be improved. This will, among other things, anticipate the needs in terms of human resources and skills to develop or acquire.

Performance indicators to monitor
In general, analysis and control can not be done without having established reliable and relevant indicators. At smartcockpit, we recommend defining indicators that meet the unique characteristics that make up the structure. With a custom smartcockpit dashboard to monitor real-time performance and exceptions, everything is under control!

Goal management

After having launched, monitoring and control, all that remains is to make the right decisions thanks to the 360° visualization of the health of the activity available in our management of quality and compliance cockpit. Monitoring performance on a regular basis is now possible, but it is the responsibility of the person who monitors this information to take the time to put it in context to ensure relevance.

Monitoring the performance of employees

The dashboards must be shareable between all levels of the company in order to be able to cross the information useful to the management. Each employee should also have access to the information that concerns him in order to see the points of improvement on which he should focus. The transparency of the information that is reported and the participation of the collaborator are strongly recommended to create a real relationship of trust.

Tools to go further

Depending on the size of your structure, you will be tempted to call on for a quality expert. However, implementing a performance management solution remains the most effective solution over the long term. smartcockpit has developed a collaborative and intuitive platform to all real digital governance. With its tailor-made configuration, smartcockpit adapts to all the needs of a company!

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