November 19, 2019 par

smartcockpit V 4.0 is available, come and discover it!

With this brand new version, smartcockpit is ahead of the end-of-year gifts! From now on, you will be able to carry out new searches and use advanced filters thanks to SCQL (smartcockpit Query Language), carry out task management in more depth and integrate visualizations from third-party sources such as PowerBi, Tableau, integration. plug-ins developed externally and much more. Here are the main new features in version 4.0 of smartcockpit.

New search & SCQL filters

Searches can now be done by implementing existing elements, including additional fields. In addition, search filters can be saved and shared. Finally, the SCQL is available for advanced filters and can be used through the API.

SCQL new search filter

Layout, graphs, integration of third party vizualisation

Version 4.0 is adding more structured and intuitive layouts which have been enriched with new graphics (see below) and which complement existing presentations and formats.

V4 smartcockpit Mise en page, graphiques et intégrations de visualisations tiercesV4 smartcockpit - Mise en page, graphiques et intégrations de visualisations tierces

The integration of third-party visualizations of tools such as Tableau, PowerBi and many others simplifies the transition from one application to another and makes it possible to centralize everything on smartcockpit.

V4 smartcockpit - intégration de visualisation tièrces

New event, task and notification manager

Thanks to the improvements made for version 4.0 of smartcockpit, you can now attach an event to all kinds of smartItems. Also highly anticipated, the task management system is made possible in smartcockpit. Among other things, it allows you to define tasks, sub-tasks and manage different actions: managing notifications, calculations, starting actions when this or that condition is met …

Plug-ins development and integration

External developers will now be able to develop plug-ins that can be integrated into the smatcockpit platform. Finally, our teams have also made the necessary corrections following user feedback. They have also developed a form solution in the form of a questionnaire which allows the replacement of the standard smartItem entry and the execution with one or more recipients.

V4 smartcockpit - Développement de plug-ins et intégration

The new tools have been developed and optimized to correspond as closely as possible to the expectations of smartcockpit users. For more details, find all the new features in the release note.