November 22, 2020 par smartcockpit

smartcockpit V 5.0 has been released!

smartcockpit is proud to announce the version five (V5) of its digital governance solution!

With this new release you will be able to facilitate your digital governance, get a quick insight of the health of your different activities and/or entities, display key information using more graphics and visualizations options as well as connecting smoothly using third party authentication and much more.

Here are the main new features in version 5.0 of smartcockpit:


You can now display multiple information in a single heatmap that show you at a glance the status of your organization across departments or entities through different KPI & KRI. Drill-down to the detail via a simple click.

smartItems lifecycle management

You can now manage the lifecycle of your smartItems. You can create them as draft, then promote them to “production” and finally set them as archive.

MS Office Plugins for Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Use your favorite office tools to integrate smartcockpit information. Give all freedom to your imagination to present and extract data for various usage, like standard report in Word or dynamic presentation in PowerPoint.

You can create custom report templates that will display your choice of smartItems or the result of a filter:

You can design a dynamic prestentation that embed information coming from smartcockpit.

And of course, also use Excel to extract tabular information and create multi-level reports.


Security is an important topic and we are committed to ease the use for our user community while keeping it safe from external person. To ease user management, we have now integrated OpenID and added the capability to manage user groups in smartcockpit.

360° health of the organization

By linking multiple cockpits, each focusing on a different angle, you can build a fully integrated 360° view of the health of your organization. For example, the Risk Team focuses on risks across the organization, while Division 1 focus on Performance, Quality, Risks and Compliance concerning their activities.

At smartcockpit we are committed to satisfying our customers by providing them with an innovative solution in constant evolution.


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intelligence is asking the right question“