To perpetuate its activity, it is necessary to analyze and monitor the economic and social performance of its organization. From a strategic point of view, an executive or management committee needs to regularly assess the economic success of the business.


On the other hand, he must also be able to manage the stress associated with each function in the company. In order to effectively address psychosocial risks such as burnout, HR managers need to be able to measure the workload that weighs on each individual. Well-being at work is also important since a happy employee will be more efficient at his workplace.

Cockpits included

Social performance
Economic performance

What are the improvements to be made? What will be the financial performance for the next quarter? To find out, you have to be able to measure and visualize it!

  • Observe the functioning of the organization
  • Make structural improvements
  • Display the situation of the company and employees in real time
  • Identify situations that can lead to economic or operational risks
  • Appreciate productivity and performance on each position
  • Plan the actions to be implemented

The smartcockpit economic and social performance solution is aimed at CEOs, decision-makers as well as those responsible for human resources or occupational health and safety.
Our cockpits provide the resources necessary for the analysis and monitoring of indicators that will make the company's situation sustainable.
Thanks to dashboards, the state of the structure and of the individuals can be viewed in a clear and concise manner.

  • Multilingual versions: French, English, German,…
  • Export to Excel and Word
  • Open to third-party database or API tools
  • Definition of treatments (controls, mitigation)
  • Planning of execution periods
  • Process quality monitoring
  • Collaborative tool
  • Reporting and analysis

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