September 1, 2021 par smartcockpit

Abilene Advisors and smartcockpit collaborate around a simple solution that makes it possible to manage management systems

Manage management systems and provide an overview of cybersecurity risks and the state of corporate compliance.

Good management of information security risks is a key factor in business success today.

Abilene Advisors, consulting firm in information security and business continuity and smartcockpit announce their close collaboration in order to offer companies a simple and flexible solution, allowing a 360 ° visibility on the posture of the company in terms of risk management cybersecurity, governance and compliance.

This solution allows organizations to easily gather all the data relating to the management of security management systems (ISO 27001), continuity (ISO 22301) or data protection (RGPD / LPD). The solution can also be linked to the company’s financial data in parallel, providing a meaningful overview for executives.

For example, a security governance ‘cockpit’ can offer:

  • A 360 ° overview of the posture in regard to cybersecurity risks
  • The state of security measures implemented by indicators
  • Monitoring action points related to compliance
  • A simple and effective way to facilitate decision-making.

smartcockpit is pleased to combine its experience and expertise with Abilene Advisors, which draws on more than 25 years of experience in information security and business continuity consulting, and thus combine skills in order to provide this adaptable and customizable solution for each company.