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Many airports use Excel spreadsheets to manage their audits and inspections (TSA, CATSA, IACI, European Commission Regulation, BCAS, BCAS, internal testing).

Unfortunately, with this classic method, they have no instant visibility and no traceability of their compliance.

Our cockpit dedicated to airport quality and compliance management provides a quick overview of your company’s quality and compliance. This general and instantaneous view allows managers to take control over the management of audits and inspections.

The huge advantage of our collaborative platform is to centralize and simplify information by reducing the number of source documents. It also saves time and improves the reliability of information.

aéroport qualité conformité

aéroport conformité qualité

Our airport quality and compliance management cockpit enables you to share processes, documents, comments, and actions in one place. All information is linked to the conformity points standardized by Swiss, European or International standards and kept in a complete history. Collaborative, our cockpit gives employees the means to manage corrective actions and to monitor them.

Combined with our different cockpits dedicated to this sector of activity, the Ariport Quality and Compliance Management Cockpit ensures constant monitoring and optimization of the measures taken in the management of an airport.

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