smartcockpit airport

Operations managers have many powerful tools for managing flight operations, passenger flow and satisfaction, and baggage routing.

smartcockpit gives them the opportunity to improve their governance and collaboration in a search for continuous improvement via a simple and effective platform.

Designed for collaborative use, our cockpit is particularly designed for operations managers to reduce the number of disparate tools used.

With its universal color code, it allows at a glance to distinguish whether the various operational elements are under control or not.

Management des opérations

Are luggage shipped on time? Is the delivery time satisfactory? Are our operations efficient? The questions posed by our dedicated cockpit give a complete visibility on the operations. Operations managers can detect at a glance what is under control and what is not. And for each issue, you can get the context to fully understand it.

Combined with our different cockpits dedicated to this sector of activity, the airport operations management cockpit ensures constant monitoring and optimization of the measures taken in the management of an airport.

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