The mission of airport’s IT managers is to provide the best services to their customers, to provide innovative and effective solutions, to create long-term IT strategies while managing the daily hazards of cyber attacks, for example, or A-CDM solution.

smartcockpit provides visibility into the entire IT situation of an airport. Project supervision, performance, risk and governance: your IT is now under control.

Intended for IT managers, it allows them to see what is under control and what is not, in order to solve the problematic aspects of IT at the airport.

Our dedicated cockpit is a tool to visualize all IT activity in a single collaborative platform. It not only gives visibility to understand a cross-cutting situation, but also supports action plans and shows the impact of decisions.

aéroport IT

Is the help desk efficient? Are our solutions efficient? Are cyber security threats under control? These questions posed by our cockpit provide a 360 ° view of IT issues taking into account quality, performance, projects, compliance and risks. It gives employees the opportunity to monitor the implementation of required actions and measure the impact of decisions in a simple platform that integrates all observations, recommendations, documents and comments.

Combined with our various cockpits dedicated to this sector of activity, the Airport IT Management Cockpit makes it possible to constantly monitor and optimize the measures taken in the management of an airport.

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