Increase the economic and social performance of companies while reducing health costs

With the increasing complexity of the business environment and the race for productivity, stress at work has become widespread. It has a real impact on the body and results in a decrease in intensity, working time, rhythm and an increase in sick leave. Indeed during the last five years the number of sick workers has increased by 20% and cases of mental disorders have even increased by 35% due to stress, (Sources Swica).

Stress plays a major role in absenteeism, and its importance is increasing: in 2013, problems due to excessive stress at work accounted for 37% of sick leave days compared to 24% in 2005 (Source Securex).

This feeling of exhaustion, emptiness, loss of commitment, which occurs after a long period of chronic stress is better known as “burnout” and to recover from it takes between 9 months and 2 years. During this recovery time you must pay the employee’s salary and you will either have to replace him, which will generate more costs (recruitment, training…) or spread his work over other employees and this will increase their stress as well as their risk of burnout.

The best solution remains prevention by identifying warning signs such as abnormal irritability, inability to think, decreased productivity despite increased personal investment, sleep problems, increased consumption of substances to make effective, memory loss etc….

Today, technical and organisational safety measures are so effective that human behaviour is at the root of increased health risks.

  • Are we able to reduce work-related health risks?

  • Do we have the ability to know if our employees are at risk of burnout?

  • Do we have the capacity to reduce the risk of burnout within the company?

  • Are we quickly able to have a clear overview of the company’s situation?

  • Are we able to quantify the company’s productivity level?

  • Do we have a common steering tool for the CEO, the human resources manager and the occupational health and safety manager?

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Economic and social performance by smartcockpit in partnership with, a turnkey and customizable solution for early risk detection and early action to minimise the impact on your business with health indicators:

  • The negative influence of stress on health
  • Level of harassment risk
  • Level of risk of burnout
  • Perception of the risk of occupational accidents

Data are acquired by employee surveys every 6 months. The survey is anonymous and configured to indicate to the employee his level of risk of burnout, in case of high risk he can choose to be put in contact with a psychologist of first resort. In harassment situations, the system can also put the person in contact with a trusted person designated by the employer.


  • Decrease in absenteeism
  • Legal Compliance
  • Simple and legible cockpits for managers
  • History of action plans and their impacts

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