Supervise your projects health

Do you have an instant insight of your projects health?

Most of software used for project management focus on resource, planning, expense, risk and their reporting capability is based on detailed numbers and rarely introduces qualitative information.

It is also highly complex to aggregate statuses according to a company organisation taking into account different time scale (you don’t want to report at the same level of detail and timeframe to your C-Level or Progam Manager that you do at project level)

As a C-Level, program manager or even development lead, you need a quick insight on project health and focus on those on need your attention

  • Are my projects going well?
  • Do they respect the quality process?
  • Are they secure by design?
  • Are there actions to mitigate the risks?

You may want to present every kind of project the same way to management, being IT project, R&D, infrastructure,…, knowing that project are often linked to other indicators, strategic or not.

With smartcockpit, you can provide the right information of your projects health

  • Focus on key question about project health
  • Assign responsibilities and by what schedule you need what information – this allows you to follow non respect on reporting deadline
  • When something goes wrong on a project, you can decide on corrective actions and follow their execution and impact
  • indicators can be made of numbers but also of qualitative or feeling information, altogether with project context like comments, ongoing actions plans, linked documents that allows drilling down to details if needed
  • Indicators can either be fed automatically by integrating project management solution or manually
  • You can have quality indicators on project management process (%projects with issue vs total projects, % project reporting done on time, …)


Seven strengths

Quick insight

Analyze your situation with strategic information displayed in a scorecard as a simple universal color code: a red square is a problem, a orange triangle is a potential concern and a green circle is under control.

Audit trail of your decisions

Keep a record of your decisions, actions and results to maintain successful governance.


Supplement your information with user’s feedback concerning the situation/action/plan, thanks to personalized access.

Predefined cockpit

We have developped different predefined templates that might help you quick start your cockpit.

Real time alerts

Whether data are provided automatically or entered by an user, get up to date information and alerts when you go over your thresholds.

Enriched informations

Enrich your cockpit with documents/comments and manage all the information in one place.

Easy to use and deploy

Get it started: it is simple, visual and user-friendly.