Cyber Governance


As digital transformation is becoming global, the number of related risks and regulations are growing. Nevertheless, if large multinational companies have the resources – financial, human, technological – to cope with it, it is more complex for other structures to deal with it and implement an appropriate digital governance.

Thus, if everyone agrees that a cyber-attack or any event impacting data (loss or theft) would be critical for an organization, no pragmatic and simple solution is really highlighted. Although many insurance companies propose offers related to IT risks, the corresponding financial contribution will not necessarily be sufficient and will never compensate the impact on the company’s reputation.

It therefore appears that joint work between the Management, the IT department and the Risk managers is necessary for the implementation of an efficient strategy for managing information security and digital cyber governance.

  • Do we comply with local and international regulations regarding data protection?

  • How is our management of cyber risks?

  • Do we have a synthetic vision of our information security management?

  • Are we up to date with regulations?

  • Who is responsible for what concerning digital risk controls?

  • Have we put in place the necessary actions?

smartcockpit Cyber Governance, an agile and customizable solution to address these concerns. Assessment of the information system maturity level, definition and monitoring of the actions to be undertaken, management of risks and their controls as well as audits and compliance, while including the issue of data protection …

smartcockpit offers a global and transversal vision of the situation, in a unique environment, for a reading of the organization health, in all its aspects. Through this approach, with different perspectives on information security issues, smartcockpit facilitates the monitoring of internal processes and their continuous improvement, as well as a better definition of stakeholders’ responsibilities.