Ensure compliance

Do you have an instant visibility of your level of compliance?

  • Do you have a transversal view of your level of conformity across policies and régulations?
  • Are you sharing files via email and lose track of the latest version?
  • Are you sure the corrective actions are being dealt with?
  • Are you able to share non compliance with the concerned stakeholders?
  • Do you have a historical view on all issue and actions done by item point?


With smartcockpit, you can manage the entire cycle of your compliance process

  • Define the structure
  • Plan the audits and inspections
  • Do the audits and inspectinos
  • Review the compliance level
  • Get a full view of audit and findings history
  • Assess the quality of the process

Visualize non-conformity, corrective actions and campaigns achievements. Adjust to continuously improve your results and drive your enterprise to the best manner.

Seven strengths

Quick insight

Analyze your situation with strategic information displayed in a scorecard as a simple universal color code: a red square is a problem, a orange triangle is a potential concern and a green circle is under control.

Audit trail of your decisions

Keep a record of your decisions, actions and results to maintain successful governance.


Supplement your information with user’s feedback concerning the situation/action/plan, thanks to personalized access.

Predefined cockpit

We have developped different predefined templates that might help you quick start your cockpit.

Real time alerts

Whether data are provided automatically or entered by an user, get up to date information and alerts when you go over your thresholds.

Enriched informations

Enrich your cockpit with documents/comments and manage all the information in one place.

Easy to use and deploy

Get it started: it is simple, visual and user-friendly.