Airport Security Management

An instant visibility, a track of actions and a complete audit history to support your security and audit management


  • Do you have an instant visibility of the non-compliant points?

  • Are you sharing files via email and lose track of the latest version?

  • Are you sure the corrective actions are being dealt with?

  • Is your security checkpoint efficient?

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Airport security managers have many great performing tools to track passenger flow and their satisfaction, ensure compliancy to regulations, manage staff, and track budget. However most do not have a full and contextualized visibility of all these aspects to make decisions.

It is a pity because a 360 view of these information would greatly simplify the decision making process by not having to check each point one by one.

Therefore we have developed the solution “Airport Security Management” which provides you:

  • The security health in a single collaborative platform
  • A complete 360 visibility
  • A support for your actions plans to clearly show the impact of decisions
  • A tool to have the entire quality program in the same platform as security
  • A full history of audits, actions, documents, proofs, and comments which are linked to each compliance point
  • The ability to share the non-compliant point with other departments to manage corrective actions


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Security Management 

Synthetic overview of Airport Security to improve overall governance across the various departments and facilitates discussions with stakeholders

  • 360° view on a complex issue: take into account quality, performance, projects, compliance, and risk. Compare heterogeneous and complex information. Improve information reliability.
  • Decide: empower colleagues to manage actions and follow-up their completion.
  • Measure the impact of decisions: view all observations and recommendations, integrate documents and comments. Adapt actions to reach objectives.

Complete view of the Security Management on one screen. All indicators, actions and documents are shared collaboratively.

Thanks to its flexibility and user-friendliness, it is constantly up-to-date to your organization and strategy.

“We finally have a simple and efficient platform to steer our division and manage our audit requirements”

Mr. Ruben Jimenez

Head of Security, Geneva International Airport

Quality and Compliance Management

Many airports use several Excel spreadsheets to manage their audits and inspections (TSA, CATSA, ICAO, European Commission regulation, BCAS, Internal tests). With this method they have no instant visibility nor traceability of compliance.

  • Quick insight of compliancy. Take control of your audit security by having a general and instant view on your compliance.
  • Collaborative platform: save time and improve information reliability. Share process, documents, comments and actions in one platform. Smartcockpit helps facilitate discussions with your stakeholders.
  • Corrective actions: Empower colleagues to manage corrective actions and follow-up their completion. View all observations and recommendations for corrective action. Integrate documents, comments and proofs when corrected.
  • History & traceability & reporting: View complete history of each compliance point through time. Access the full context of compliance with proofs, linked documents, comments and actions plans.

Complete view of the audits and inspections on one screen. All findings and documents are shared collaboratively.

Smartcockpit increase efficiency and accuracy by reducing administrative risk.

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