smartcockpit, get a true 360° actionable scorecard of your business health

The management challenge

The problem is that there are many decisions to make and too much data. This makes actions, follow-up and ensuring effective communication a Pandora’s Box. As more information piles up and more actions are to be followed-up, we become overloaded with information and it becomes increasingly difficult to make effective decisions. Especially short-term ones; which are often urgent. In order to do this, leaders need be able to visualize “in a blink of an eye” what is going on in the business. This means that we need to first ask right questions, get the data, and use it correctly. When questions, data, action plans, and allocated responsibilities are spread throughout various files it can be hard to accurately visualize the information and have valuable insight. You the have a value-add scorecard.

• are you making your performance under acceptable risks and in conformity with policies and regulations?
• do your projects and initiatives evolves as expected and have the desired impact on your performance?
• is your level of quality coherent with performance

With smartcockpit, you get a true 360° actionable scorecard on your business health

smartcockpit helps you to reduce the noise caused by the mass of information. You can focus on what requires your attention and makes sure you are doing the right things right.

smartcockpit provides you with a quick insight of your organisation data. To collect the necessary informations of your cockpit, smartcockpit helps you to question on your company, your need and your objectives. Identifying them is the first step to get a valuable cockpit that provides you the right insight and allow you to concentrate on what needs to be. Finally a real actionable scorecard.

smartcockpit, read and lead your enterprise! The digital governance solution.


The problem is that not everything that counts can be counted, and not everything that can be counted counts.

William Bruce Cameron

Seven strengths

Quick insight

Analyze your situation with strategic information displayed in a scorecard as a simple universal color code: a red square is a problem, a orange triangle is a potential concern and a green circle is under control.

Audit trail of your decisions

Keep a record of your decisions, actions and results to maintain successful governance.


Supplement your information with user’s feedback concerning the situation/action/plan, thanks to personalized access.

Predefined cockpit

We have developped different predefined templates that might help you quick start your cockpit.

Real time alerts

Whether data are provided automatically or entered by an user, get up to date information and alerts when you go over your thresholds.

Enriched informations

Enrich your cockpit with documents/comments and manage all the information in one place.

Easy to use and deploy

Get it started: it is simple, visual and user-friendly.