What is smartTasting ?

smartTasting is an innovative way to optimize your network, share a wine tasting and spend a good time while discovering smartcockpit insights.


Do not misunderstand: smartTasting is not a promotional event where the smartcockpit solution is depicted during 2 hours. smartTasting is a new innovative concept firstly built up to spend good time in a beautiful setting. The first edition has been organized at “Le Domaine du Paradis”, a winery in Satigny, 15 minutes driving from Geneva center.

This special moment offers the possibility for professionals from public and private sectors to exchange on different serious topics, while sharing a wine tasting. At the same time, participants are asking to give a little contribution to the event, answering few questions about the overall organization. Those results are then introduced in the smartcockpit solution.


At the end of the wine tasting, results are quickly displayed to show how in less than 10 minutes, smartcockpit could enable to improve the overall organization of such an event, visualizing good and bad points. Discussion is then open to any kind of interesting subject, discussed around a convivial wine-dish pairing.

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