gbsgeMarco Recupero, one of smartcockpit co-founders held a conference October 4th at the international Geneva Business School in Geneva on “Intelligent Business Solutions”. During this special occasion, he has been asked to present the smartcockpit solution.

Intelligent Business Solution has been the subject of the past conference held by Marco Recupero this last Friday at Geneva Business School. Around 60 students had the opportunity to attend the conference and discovered the smartcockpit solution.

The objective of this conference was to introduce the 3rd Generation Business Intelligence and the next business challenges relating to this field. What is Business Intelligence? What are the different levels of Business Intelligence maturity within organizations? What are the new business requirements concerning the management of information? What are the Business Intelligence challenges?

All those questions were detailed during the introduction to BI in order for the audience to understand the context around which smartcockpit was developed and how the solution is currently answering those challenges. Following this introduction, Marco Recupero finally made a demonstration of smartcockpit and highlighted the key differentiators of such a solution compare to existing ones.

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