Read and lead your enterprise

Governance, risk, audit, performance, quality, compliance… smartcockpit not only provides you a quick view upon your business health, it also highlights the decision required and then capture and measure the impact of all decisions made.

Manage your risks

Do you have a comprehensive view of your risks and controls associated with traceability on actions and measures?

Ensure compliance

Do you have an instant visibility of the non-compliant points of your audits?

Drive your performance

How to focus on what really matters?

Supervise your projects health

Do you have an instant insight of your projects health?

cockpits for a true 360° view on your business health

smartcockpit exists because our daily professional activities generate more and more data; and we accumulate them, although they should be analyzed and provide clear insight, leading to actions.

Governance, risk, audit, performance, quality, compliance… smartcockpit not only provides cockpits that give you a quick view upon your business health, it also highlights the decision required and then capture and measure the impact of all decisions made.

Ask the right questions

To collect the right data that fit your needs, you have to ask yourself what are the key questions that need to be answered to drive your business to success. This crucial step will enable the collection of the data you need and the establishment of your personalized dashboard. smartcockpit is a tailor-made tool with your words, your information, your indicators, your thresholds… Create your own cockpit which will reflect your activity and your situation, in an appropriate, concise and visual manner.

Put together the right data

Quantitative data, qualitative data, information flows… Adding up data is not a goal in itself and making décisions from these is not easy. smartcockpit offers you a clear, uncluttered and focused view of what you need to know to manage your company efficiently. Simply add complementary information from your teams, your partners, or the economic situation and you will get cockpits with a global and precise view of your business health.

Make right decisions

Inertia has never led to positive results, in term of business. Only considered decisions and efficient actions will lead you to success. Your dashboard should let you know what is important, what is urgent, where there is a problem and what is under control. Not only will you have these information with smartcockpit, but you will also be able to indicate the decisions you take, to follow-up the actions, to measure their impact and readjust your plans.

Seven strengths

Quick insight

Analyze your situation with strategic information displayed in a scorecard as a simple universal color code: a red square is a problem, a orange triangle is a potential concern and a green circle is under control.

Audit trail of your decisions

Keep a record of your decisions, actions and results to maintain successful governance.


Supplement your information with user’s feedback concerning the situation/action/plan, thanks to personalized access.

Predefined cockpit

We have developped different predefined templates that might help you quick start your cockpit.

Real time alerts

Whether data are provided automatically or entered by an user, get up to date information and alerts when you go over your thresholds.

Enriched informations

Enrich your cockpit with documents/comments and manage all the information in one place.

Easy to use and deploy

Get it started: it is simple, visual and user-friendly.


Jean Rostand


Events, news, thoughts,… get more informal information on smartcockpit.

smartcockpit @ CyberSecurityDay 2017

We partipicated at the CyberSecurityDay 2017 @ EPFL. Lots of people, good workshops and networking. We took this opportunity to present our new offer "smartcockpit for Information...

Ardon commune’s cockpit

Dynaxis and Ardon commune present « from the 360° vision of the commune health to action plan follow-up and impact assessement »

Digital risk management

Digital risk management and the challenge of implementing the right tool. And why to oppose risks and performance – get the most of each perspective

smartcockpit v3.5 is available

Smartcockpit is proud to announce the release of version 3.5 a main milestone achieved in the life of our solution, with major improvements in risks and conformity management.

smartcockpit participate at STIL @ EPFL

We were invited to participate at the 4th edition of the STIL “Salon des Technologies et de l’Innovation de Lausanne” that took place the 2nd of March at EPFL Swisstech convention center. Our CEO was presenting a conference on “How to make efficient decisions in the era of Big Data”. Good event with a good vibe on innovations!

Move to adaptive Dashboard: today you’re all wrong!

A must read article from Philippe Nieuwbourg (in French)! Passez aux tableaux de bord adaptifs : aujourd’hui vous avez tout faux ! In two words, being able to have dashboards that allow you to focus on what is going wrong and what need your attention; could be...


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smartcockpit is a cutting edge business management software that assists companies in managing their business decisions. smartcockpit believes that managers can and should make decisions in a more effective manner. They need to be able to focus on urgent, important and strategic matters impacting the company.

An excess of unstructured and unfocused information in all types and forms is cluttering their mind and making it impossible to delineate the critical information needed to make the right decisions. Decision makers need to be able to differentiate diverse types of information linked to the decision impact what they are focused on at that moment in time.

Whether the company is tracking Key Risks Indicators (KRI’s), Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) or managing their scorecard, smartcockpit allows organizations to have a general overview of the company goals, unit specific overviews, and it assists collaboration between units. Company health is always Under control. Data from a variety of internal and external sources as well as different types (structured and unstructured) is channeled into one single, shared source of information. smartcockpit provides a true 360° view on risks, compliance, performance, quality and project progression.

smartcockpit provides information that is easy to understand, share and manage. Data-driven information that can spark efficiencies. It helps people see things that were not obvious to them before and ensures that something is done to manage the situation, that things are under control/managed.

In a distinctive, clear and innovative manner, smartcockpit provides a comprehensive platform allowing managers to encompass all information feeds focusing down on the decision required and then capturing and measuring the impact of all decisions made.

smartcockpit is a Swiss software company incorporated in 2013.