A scorecard can be any of the following

1. means to measure performance (compared to objectives)

  • gaps analysis
  • trends analysis
  • decisions monitoring

2. means to warn and diagnose

  • warn managers on deviations in order to understand why it happened and to set up corrective actions

3. means to leverage decision

  • analyze their impact

4. means to communicate

  • between hierarchical levels
  • during meetings (steering committee, …)
  • eventually to discuss about initial objectives

5. means to inform

  • benchmark with other units / organizations
  • share of some key information
  • highlight performance and its evolution

6. means to motivate managers

  • measure managers’ performance according to their responsibilities’ scope

7. pedagogical tool to managers’ improvement

  • continuous awareness to key management point
  • implementation of continuous improvement principals (PDCA,…)
  • decisions and actions monitoring, and analysis of their impacts on results
  • tarts based on continuous improvement where every decision taken, every action engaged are assessed and improved over time.